Each ribbon tells a story of travels

from far away lands.
I collect new and vintage items in every kind
of material paying special attention to
the natural and authentic.
Each Ribbon is unique.
Ribbons can be customized and range from $5 to $85.
We are offering replica and authentic coins
replicas can be made in clay and casted in silver or brass

Look for our Roving Cart for on the spot custom Ribbons


Pirate Ribbons 
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Double Ribbons 2011
Coin and Skulls

Custom Design
 Custom Design

Will Clip Anywhere

Red Leather
Red Key Ribbon and Monkey Skeleton 

For any Look

Fanciful or Natural

Arrr, Shop Hop 2012 at the Black Bead
 Where I Always Find Really
Cool Stuff For Ribbons  
2012 SD Pirate Faire
2012 Escondido Renaissance 
Visitor from Pompeii
Custom Jack Inspired
Custom Mermaid

Want a custom Ribbon and cannot make it to one of my shows?

or check out my store

Shipping and local delivery availble

Hand made of polymer clay these are super light weight as to not weight down your piratey look. 


Eccentric hair ribbons to add to your Look.    

Rae Wolf Design's Staff
Purple with feather, purple skull charm, shell and 2 glass beads