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My art is a mixture of vintage, reclaimed, repurposed, fibers, and awesomeness all rolled into one. I started out taking photos and being all arty before finding myself in art school at San Diego State majoring in Fibers. Though growing up in a family full of jewelers, making me 3rd generation, sent me on my current creative path. I started making necklaces, earrings and bracelets to stay sane. Then created my signature snoody hat which needed embellishments and latter got involved with Gold Coast events and started pirate inspired hair ribbons. I've since added hat pins, steampunk inspired accessories and have started a vintage inspired collection. Feel free to visit my blog spot Shiny Fuzzy Things to get a peek into the world of Shiny Fuzzy Things, and no it's not about my cats, though both of them are shiny and fuzzy. I also do custom pieces in most cases so contact me through my etsy store or my email in More Weebby Contact and we can see what we can do. So enjoy browsing my pirate / steamy / vintage / strange collections and hope to see you soon.
Upcoming Shows
Las Vegas Steampunk Weekend
February 6-8 2015
Join us at Main Street Station
Hotel Casino Brewery
A Convergence of Great Steam Engines and Airships are all roaring into the Old Main Street Station of downtown Las Vegas bringing the Steamy dignitaries to a meeting of minds: the greatest inventors with their inventions, the Great Steampunk authors reading from their works, the greatest of crafters showing their wares, the greatest of hearts: Dr. Phineas and the Steampunk Guild welcoming you with open arms in one of the most magnificent of Victorian Hotels anywhere. stroll under the chandeliers of the Old San Francisco Opera House, sit at the Gilded Bat for another sample of Pilsner from the hotels brewery, dance the Cakewalk to the sounds of Dixieland Jazz, enjoy a Havana while sitting in the velvet parlor car the Louisa May Alcott train cars right inside the grand ballroom. Three fantastic bands will entertain for walkabouts down old Freemont Street. Steampunk Theatre, Sassy Steampunk Fashions, Fencing classes, crafting classes, classes in how to be a mad scientist! Come to the Saturday night Valentines Ball! Even Doset tours of the antique treasures of this fine old hotel by Dr. Phineas himself!
 Come one Come All to STEAMATHON: celebrating all that us world Steampunk Culture!
Still working on more shows for 2015 
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